Ultra gloss and superior protection

Nano Ceramic Coating: Your Car Deserve That Protection

Give your beloved car the shield it deserves with Nano Ceramic Coating services in Surrey, Langley and nearby areas. This cutting-edge protective technology goes beyond the ordinary, providing an invisible armor that safeguards your vehicle's exterior from the harsh elements of the road. Say goodbye to frequent waxing and hello to long-lasting protection by booking an appointment with us.

Preserve. Protect. Enhance with Nano Ceramic Coating


Your entire car is covered in it. Stop the harsh elements dulling it down with our reliable paint protection services.


When it rains, water and dirt will glide effortlessly off your lights and windows.

Paint Protection film

Add the same technology to your paint protection film.

Rubber/Plastic Trims

Keep that black rubber or plastic trim looking brand new and deep black.


Black dust? Our coating helps prevent all that dust sticking and allows for an easier clean.

Langley Mobile Car Detailing Service
Langley Mobile Car Detailing Service

Reasons you’ll love REVIVIfy

  • Exteme shine & slickness
  • Superior hydrophobic properties
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • 100% UV resistance
  • Phenomenal self-healing
  • Up to 15 year lifespan

What is the difference between conventional coatings and REVIVIfy self healing coatings?


  • Yesterday’s technology
  • Only minimizes swirl marks from wiping
  • Surface scratches are permanent
  • Polysiloxane provides good protection against UV and chemicals
  • Environmental debris may permanently etch surface


  • Advance Siox cross-link nano structure layer technology
  • Anti-Scratch Protection with self healing capabilities
  • Surce scratches can be restore with heat
  • Polysiloxane provides excellent protection against UV and chemicals
  • Environmental debris that etches surface can be removed with heat

Choose Your Premium Detailing Service

Langley Mobile Car Detailing Service

Self Heal Ultra


Langley Mobile Car Detailing Service

Graphene Lite Self Heal


Car Outline

Graphene Pro Self Heal w/ SHX


Langley Mobile Car Detailing Service

Our Clients 5 Star Experience

I got out of a dirty car this morning and at the end of the day it was like I was getting into a brand new car.

Kristen W.

Very happy with the quality of service. They came directly to my house, very accommodating. Would recommend!

Carla S.

The team absolutely nailed my Ceramic Pro coating on my F150. The attention to detail and the service exceeded my expectations.

Chris V.

I’ve used Pro Smith Customs for six years now, they know how to detail a car and make sure it’s done right. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Felipe F.

I know from experience that they go above and beyond to make sure their clients are satisfied and getting a top-notch detailing service.

Andy E

My car looks amazing! Everyone is so friendly and great to work tight. I would absolutely recommend.

Madaline B.

They took care of my Ram 1500 with paint protection film and a ceramic coating. Very professional and took care of everything.

Derrick S.

They worked non-stop and very hard to detail in the inside of my truck. It looked brand new and not one dog hair was to be found. Very happy with the service.

Melissa M.